Physical Appearance:  There are many species of birds in the world, but the most problematic birds in our area are starlings, sparrows and pigeons.

Starlings: Starlings are  a medium-sized bird ranging in color due to the iridescence of their plumage. their size can range from 6.5″-8″ in length and can weigh from 1.2-10oz.
Sparrows: Sparrows are generally small, plump, brown and grey birds with short tails and  short powerful beaks and range from 4.5-7 inches and  0.47-1.5 oz in weight.
Pigeons: Pigeons are a dull colored bird, usually gray with dark stripes on the winged section.  Depending on species, pigeons can range between 5.9 to 29.5 in length and 0.066 to above 4.4 lb in weight.
Diet:  Bird diets normally consist of fruits, insects and grains.

Reproduction:  All birds nest and lay eggs.  Starlings  usually lay 4-6 eggs in mid-April, Sparrows usually lay 2-5 eggs between April-August and pigeons lay 1-3 eggs intermittently throughout the year.

Inspection/Control:  All birds cause similar problems and issues to home and business owners.  Bird droppings can damage finishes on buildings and create unsanitary living and eating conditions. Some birds can transfer diseases to humans.  Birds may also nest in unwanted areas such as attics, gazebos, awnings and frequently inside dryer vents, causing serious problems.   We have various control measures depending on your particular situation.   We will thoroughly inspect your premises to determine which species we are dealing with.  After a proper inspection, together we can develop a plan in order to control the problem in your home or business.

Contact our wildlife specialist at Cavanaugh’s if birds are becoming a nuisance at your home or business.