Condo Associations & Pest Control

If you belong to an apartment or condo association, you’ve worked hard to create a vibrant community. The buildings are clean, and the yards are clear and well-watered. Yet, as safe and beautiful as your community may be, a few pests can ruin your communal paradise.

Condominiums face several pest-related threats, from birds that clog gutters to termites that burrow into walls. If your building or community has a problem with insects, rodents, or birds, request help from Cavanaugh’s Termite & Pest Services in Freehold, NJ and Somerville NJ.

Our condo association and apartment complexes pest management services are directly tailored to your unique property.

Use Our Apartment Complex and Homeowner Association Pest Management Services

Many of our services apply directly to communal properties like apartments, condos, and gated communities. Our services include:

  • Mosquito treatment. We offer seasonal insecticide that can wipe out mosquitos from your neighborhood ponds and pools.
  • Animal exclusion. We keep out wildlife and rodents using traps, sprays, and barriers that keep animals out of buildings and gardens.
  • Fumigation. We get rid of large infestations with fumigation that targets the problem without affecting the larger area.
  • Lawn and tree management. We remove burrowers like moles, gophers, and insects while also fertilizing plants and aerating lawns.
  • Insect repellant. We use insecticides to treat individual rooms for renters as well as entire complexes.

Whatever pest problem your community faces, you can count on us to find the right services to take care of the issue.

Trust an Experienced Pest Control Company

Cavanaugh’s Termite & Pest Services is one of the most prominent pest control companies in the area. If you need apartment complex or condo association pest control services in Flanders, NJ or Somerville, NJ, we can help you find an affordable solution. Contact our closest office to learn which services will solve your particular problem.