Stink Bugs – Known for scent glands on their abdomens that release a foul odor

Stink bugs are aptly named for the scent glands on their abdomens that release a foul odor. But even more disturbing than the smell is the sheer amount of eggs the females can lay, leading to quick and total infestation in a manner of days and weeks. Between June and September, the female will deposit clusters of 25 eggs on the undersides of leaves, which hatch in just five days. One female can produce more than 400 eggs in her short life span.

You may recognize the stink bug from its barrel-shaped exterior that’s yellow-red in color. They feed on the sap of flowers and agricultural crops, and are no bigger than one inch in length. You’ll probably smell them before you see them. As with rodents, this can spell disaster for a retail store, restaurant or hotel – or any service-based business that relies on customers.

While stunk bugs don’t typically transmit disease and they’re not poisonous, the smell alone could be overwhelming for any homeowner, but particularly damaging for anyone who owns a business. It’s important to get this problem addressed quickly and efficiently. The best way to do that is to call Cavanaugh’s Professional Termite and Pest Services. Our licensed and insured technicians can visit your property, diagnose the problem, confine it, and eradicate it through the use of state of the art equipment. We do all this with minimal disruption to your family, employees or customers.

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