Commercial & Residential Viral Sanitizing

Before re-opening your business or moving back into your home be safe from COVID-19. Our professionally trained team of technicians will provide a safe and sanitized environment for your transition. Unfortunately, simple household cleaners cannot rise to your expectations, no mater how often or regular they might be used. This is where professional home disinfecting and sterilizing services come into the picture.

Whether you need help with your home, office or other commercial facilities, get in touch with us TODAY. Let us know what your exact needs are. You can trust Cavanaughs for over 60 years of service and reliability. We’ll come over, assess your needs and issue an estimate on the spot. As always you will find our pricing to to be competitive, topped by unparalleled service. Additional Coronavirus prevention and protection can be found at the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Coronavirus COVID – 19 Disinfection Services

  • KIlls 99.9% Of Bacteria and Viruses!
  • Protect Your Family or Employees!

Disinfection Virus Elimination:
Our Disinfecting Service is effective against 147 viruses and bacteria:

  • Coronavirus COVID 19
  • Influenza A Virus
  • T4 & T1 Bacteriaphage
  • Canine Coronavirus, Distemper & Herpes Virus
  • Staphylococcus (All types)
  • Strephylococcus (All Types)
  • Listeria
  • Salmonelia (All Types)
  • Additional types of viruses