Physical Characteristics:  Groundhogs, also known as a woodchuck, are stout rodents with short powerful legs, ranging from 18-27” in length and can weigh up to 9 pounds.

Diet: Groundhogs are mostly herbivorous; their preferred diet includes grasses, crops, dandelions, clover, berries etc.

Breeding: Groundhogs reproduce once per year, their young ranging in quantity from 3-8 between the months of March and April.

Habitat: Groundhogs are known to burrow large tunnels underground with multiple dens, used for shelter and hibernation, creating problems beneath homes, patios, outdoor buildings, porches and any structure that can provide overhead shelter.

Inspections:  The first thing to do in wildlife control is a proper inspection.  We will determine if groundhogs are causing damage to your property.

Trapping:  Humane trapping and exclusion measures will be taken to keep and prevent groundhogs from returning to their burrows on your property.