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Exterminator West Windsor NJ –  From residential to commercial, there are many sectors that we gladly serve throughout New Jersey. We are Cavanaugh’s Professional Termite and Pest Services, and we are family owned and operated company since 1943. That means you experience personalized attention to detail when it comes to pest control solutions for home and business owners.

As such, we are highly trained to properly rid your property from ants, termites, spiders, rats, mice, fleas and more. Staffed by dedicated, trained professionals, you can relax knowing our full-service company gives you the star treatment each time you call us.

We proudly serve the following sectors with our proven pest control services:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Condo associations
  • Health
  • Government
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Fumigation

Trust…reliability…commitment to customer satisfaction… this is what you can count on from our trained professionals. As we make it our mission to ensure your 100% satisfaction, you get peace of mind knowing you have hired the very best. As such, we are the company that New Jersey trusts.

So, if you have been searching around for a qualified pest control expert, look to the company that prides itself on experience. In fact, we bring 75 years of experience to this industry. Turn to Cavanaugh’s Professional Termite and Pest Services – Exterminator West Windsor NJ for effective relief of unwanted pests. We have the equipment and training to rid you of pests once and for all.

Exterminator West Windsor NJ

Exterminator West Windsor NJ

Exterminator West Windsor NJ – Choose our Trustworthy Professionals

Perhaps you’ve exhausted all options trying to rid your home or business of mice, ants or termites, to no avail. Well, now it’s time to give the pros a try. Putting the safety and health of your kids or employees at risk is nothing you want to mess around with. Plus, you don’t want to pay any more than you have to.

The cost associated with pests is extremely high. Take termites, rodents and squirrels, for example. They cause $6.5 billion in damages annually to homes and businesses!

Looking for a good reason to call Cavanaugh’s Professional Termite and Pest Services – Exterminator West Windsor NJ? Here are six:

  • ID of problem: As a lay person, you may not know exactly which type of pest is infiltrating your home. A professional can identify the critters that are causing you so much trouble.
  • Source location: Only once the nest has been located can a pest control expert accurately rid your home of the pest and truly prevent a re-occurrence.
  • Training: Our professional exterminators boast the necessary training to identify and remove pests from your home or business.
  • Time: Because we can make a quick determination of what’s causing the problem, you can expect fast resolution to your issue.
  • Reduced damage: Eliminating the infestation source quickly also saves you from incurring additional costs due to damage to walls, wiring, furniture, clothing, rugs and foundations.
  • Health: Pests are very dirty and carry disease. Cockroaches carry E coli and salmonella, ticks carry Lyme disease, ants contaminate food, and bees can spur allergic reactions.

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To find out about our rates and policies, please call Cavanaugh’s Professional Termite and Pest Services – Pest Control West Windsor NJ at one of our three New Jersey locations:

  • Flanders: 973-584-2552
  • Somerville: 908-823-0230
  • Freehold: 800-362-2282

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Exterminator West Windsor NJ  –  Pest Control West Windsor NJ