Stink bugs earned their name from obvious reasons: quite simply, they stink. With fall here and winter on the way, this is the stink bugs’ prime season, and they’re making their way back into your homes and businesses.

Due to their tendency to expel pungent fumes whenever anyone steps on one or tries to kill one, they are a feared pest in homes all over the country. If you can’t squish them because you’re afraid of the nasty smell, how can you get rid of them? First and foremost, a stinkbug problem signals the need for a professional exterminator.

The fall is when stink bugs begin their yearly migration into homes in search of warmth and shelter. However, never before have they moved in larger droves. That’s because they’re ending their feeding frenzy in preparation of the cold weather and now they want to hibernate. The next six weeks will be challenging.

In fact, you may start seeing them by the dozens – even though it starts out with one or two. Letting the problem go will only make it worse. And as the end of October nears, that’s when the infestation will hit its peak.

A Bit About Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are native to Asia, arriving in this country only in the middle of the 1990s. So, they are relatively new to the United States, appearing in 44 out of 50 states. They crave warm weather and are usually outside. They love to eat farmers’ crops and can become a real nuisance. But when the temperature begins to drop, these pests head indoors and hide out till they can emerge once again in spring.

Stink bugs aren’t particularly dangerous — they don’t bite, they don’t sting and they don’t carry diseases. However, their gross self-defense habit makes getting rid of them a nearly impossible task. Even if you vacuum them up, the vacuum will stink. Although, you could dispose of the bag immediately if you try this option.

So, what’s a person to do? Here are some tips:

  1. Prevention is the key: By blocking their entry into your home, you can do your part to prevent infestation. Check all doors, windows, attics and crawlspaces for cracks, torn screens, holes and other access points. Fill in gaps with caulk, use weather stripping or place screens over vents.
  2. Rub screens with fragrant dryer sheets: Fight smell with smell! Some home owners have found that rubbing a dryer sheet over your screens reduces chances of invasion – by as much as 80 percent according to statistics.
  3. Use a dustpan: If the bugs are already in your house, grab a dustpan and use it to sweep them gently up and into the toilet, being careful not to squish them. Similarly, drowning via soapy water could also work. Just don’t pick them up by tissues or you will risk crushing one and releasing the odor.

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