Termite Swarm – Top Tips

Termites are bad news. 2017 reports show that U.S. homes suffered $1 billion in damages and $30 billion in total damages to crops and man-made structures – all due to termite infestation. Indoors, termites tend to swarm as they emerge from walls, door frames and baseboards through tiny holes called exit holes. These swarms can last up to 40 minutes as they try to find a light source. If they can’t get to soil, they will die from dehydration within a few hours.

Perhaps you’ve come home to a bunch of dead termites on your windowsill and countertops. That’s the reason! The best case scenario is to figure out you have termites before they can swarm. Mature termite colonies produce winged reproductive termites to fly off and establish new colonies. Termite swarms can also occur outside, usually near garage doors and porches.

Check out these tips if you come across a termite swarm: 


  • Close the door to the room that they are in, in an attempt to contain them.
  • Place a clear plastic baggie over the exit holes if you are feeling brave so you can capture some of the termites in their haste to flee.
  • Bring that bag to a trained inspector or pest control expert for analysis.
  • Vacuum up the rest but don’t forget to throw away the bag right away. The termites inside will die shortly, so you don’t have to worry about them flying back out.
  • Call your local termite control company. They have trained technicians who can visit your home to assess your situation.


  • It’s easy to lose your cool when you see a swarm invading your home. Best course of action is to remain calm, close the door and call a pest control technician.
  • Let loose with a full can of insect spray. You’ll only end up wasting a whole can of spray, to no avail. The termites will die anyway as they fly through the air and fail to find a soil source.
  • Attach tape to the exit holes in an attempt to block their escape. Swarmers are desperate to find a way out and will do whatever they can to achieve it. That usually involves creating new holes. Those resourceful pests will always find a way. And with new holes, you’re only adding to the amount of damage in your home. Wait them out instead.

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